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Get spell casting and rituals for your specific goals and desires

Priest Nduga

I am Priest Nduga, gifted root worker descended from a long line of African spell casters and spiritual healers. 

Our traditions have always been limited to only those that could travel to my family spiritual grounds in order to get helped. 

However things changed in COVID, i was introduced to video calls and talking to people over the phone to learn their problems and get a solution through root work, spell casting, spiritual readings and connecting with the ancestors.

If you seek help related to what i do don’t hesitate to contact me. Book an appointment i wont disappoint you. 

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What Can Root Work Do!

Remember, our spells & Rituals are not simply quick fixes; they are tools for self-discovery and empowerment. They guide you on a journey of transformation, helping you break free from limitations, attract positive energy, and manifest your deepest desires.

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Are you tired of faceless priests and spells casters. Let us work together and make your goal a reality

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I dont let people pay for nothing but to leave happy smiles and families while am still alive. 

Some Of Our Customised Spells


Is your relationship fizzling out? or has your lover been one sided or withdrawn. Any form of disruption in the relationship can be healed and overrun by a Love spell


Keep him or her close to you. If they have wandering eyes that could possibly lead them astray, then this spell is great to keep them bound to you sexually, emotionally and spiritually.


Still waiting for your lover to pop the question? if the answer is yes then a marriage spell is the one for you. It helps in encouraging the individual to make the move and show the individual why this is a great idea.


Do you know a couple who are toxic or perhaps the very knowing of them being together makes you sick? If this is the case the breakup spell will help you. NB: it is always important that the spell be justified.


Lacking sexual energy in your relationship? Has that passionate loving making stopped? Then the lust spell will help you. This type of spell can also help if you are trying to seduce a lover or someone you know.


Do you feel like you are a target for black magic or evil eye? Or are you in a toxic environment which puts you at risk of negativity or witchcraft cast against you? If this is the case then you should consider a protection spell which works by shielding your auric field.


This is a great spell if you have any spirit attachment, whether it be a dark entity or a parasitic entity i am able to assist you in its removal. The important part of this ritual is the cleansing and this helps in removing all residual energy left behind by darker forces. Starting over and experiencing life again is one of the most amazing feeling you will experience after the spell is cast.


Let me heal you energetically. This is done on a video call. If you have been through heartache or trauma I will help you remove these negative energy blocks by clearing it away energetically.

Connect with Your Ancestors

Do you desire to connect with your ancestors or you have a relative who was a spiritual healer? Let me do it for you!


Consultations and readings (in person or online)

All consultations run for at-least half hour. This gives you the opportunity to ask the questions you need answers to, whether it is about personal life, spirituality, manifesting, spell work, I am here to help you.

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